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CST is a gentle hands-on alternative therapy that gives the session a nurturing and relaxing touch and deepens the effectiveness of Acupuncture.

People often experience very deep relaxation that we call “stillness” as the body realigns.

Acupuncture and CST can help you enjoy significant improvements to your health and overall wellbeing.

People often feel more balanced as well as enjoying increased levels of energy which assists in coping with everyday life.

Treatments can also assist with mental clarity and therefore in making decisions.

Such sessions can also give significant support and relief for people suffering from stressed emotional states such as panic and anxiety.

Our mind as well as your body’s organs, glands and major systems need to be working together in a harmony to maintain health.

My aim as a practitioner is to help each person improve their quality of life by adapting my treatments to the specific needs of each individual

Chi Harmony Center provides Acupuncture treatments in Noosa, QLD by a qualified acupuncturist to create balance and harmony in your body and your mind.
18 Da7ybreak Cour, Castaways Beach, QLD, 4552 Australia
Castaways Beach